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Community Groups
Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Community Group is an open and accepting environment where you can experience authentic community. Community Group is an atmosphere where your personal spiritual gifts are developed and encouraged. Community Group is a place where friendships are made and relevant Bible topics are discussed. Community Group is a place where you pray and care for one another and are missed if you don't show up.

Each Community Group meets two times per month for 2 hours in a home in your neighborhood.

In all Community Groups visitors are welcomed. Please contact the church office for information about a community group in your area.

Church in the House Edifications by Pastor B.E. Hale
Jesus in the Midst | Launch Video
Coal or Smoldering Ashes | Launch Video


1. Make new friends
2. Environment for sharing and caring
3.Deepen spirituality
4. A place to mentor and be mentored
5. Strengthen existing friendships
6. Conducive atmosphere to release faith through prayer and worship
7. Safe, friendly atmosphere for evangelism
8. Open discussion on tough issues of Christian Living
9. Focus on "Group Effort" in community outreach & evangelism
10. Enhances church growth

Group Meetings
1st & 3rd Thursday of each month*
Church in the House
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Community Group Pastor

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